Chris Jericho Talks to Drone, Curses On-Air in Hilariously Absurd ‘AEW Dynamite’ Moment

All Elite Wrestling has drawn attention for some unique aspects, including a multitude of acrobatic moves in the ring. However, wrestler Chris Jericho upped the ante with a recent promo that he cut during AEW Dynamite. He faced off with a drone in what was described as an absurd moment in professional wrestling.

The incident took place when Jericho stood alone in the ring. Matt Hardy's drone, Vanguard One, flew nearby and prompted a tirade. Jericho first referred to the inanimate object as a "piece of s—" due to its "political beliefs." However, he quickly changed his tune and began trying to convince the drone to join the Inner Circle. He even promised it special gifts, such as "bubbly."

"Even though I don't like you, I respect you," Jericho said to the drone. "And that's why I'm asking you to join the Inner Circle. Think about it Vanguard. All the power will lie in the propellors. Your propellors will be spinning with all of the money you're going to make. We'll be pouring bubbly down your gas tank."

This promo caused confusion among some wrestling fans, including those that know technical aspects of remote-controlled drones. For example, one Twitter user said that this promo wasn't very effective considering that drones don't record audio.

This was not the only promo that Jericho recorded, however, as a different version surfaced later on social media. The professional wrestler showed himself talking trash to an object out of view and using many of the terms that he called Vanguard One. Once Jericho spun the camera around, he showed that he was insulting his Roomba vacuum cleaner.

There were still some wrestling fans that thought Jericho's promos were a little absurd, but many others had different opinions. They wanted to see even wilder videos. "At this point jericho could cut a whole promo at the f—ing air and it will be the best thing all year," one wrestling fan wrote in response. Others just hoped that he would continue to record various promos throughout the day.

With people around the world remaining at home in self-quarantine due to the COVID-19 outbreak, there is the possibility that Jericho could continue dropping promos about his technology. The coffeemaker, the television, and the refrigerator could all be next in line for verbal abuse.


Photo Credit: Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic/Getty