Chris Evans and Aly Raisman Link up for a Dog Playdate

Chris Evans and retired Olympian Alexandra Raisman just enjoyed some time together in order to help out their furry friends. They partnered for a dog playdate and watched the animals scamper around together. Evans also tried to hug the dog, but it didn't work out as well as he expected.

The Olympian posted a second video on Twitter that showed the two dogs together. Evans' dog Dodger followed Raisman's dog, Mylo, around with his tail wagging, getting ready to play. While the two dogs played around, Evans narrated the video, saying, "Be gentle. Be gentle." He then expressed excitement about Dodger having a new buddy.

While the dogs had some fun times together, Evans didn't quite win Mylo's affection. He held the dog in his hands and tried to snuggle. However, little Mylo turned his face away.

"They are tooooo cute!!!" one fan said about the two dogs playing together. Several others expressed appreciation for the posts — although they were far more entertained by the sweater Evans wore in the videos. It was the same clothing he wore in a key Knives Out scene. Some people also took their appreciation one step further by Photoshopping the sweater onto Captain America.

A star gymnast, Raisman turned heads recently when she posted about her retirement on social media. She said that she was walking away from her Olympic career and would not head to Tokyo. She thanked the people that helped her during her career and said that it was time to start a new chapter.


"A huge thank you to my fans - your support has meant everything to me," Raisman said. "I am very lucky to have been able to do something I love for so many years & I’m excited for what's next! The past 10 years have been such a whirlwind that I haven't really processed all that has happened, and sometimes I wonder whether I ever will. I've live a pretty fast-paced life and sometimes I have to remind myself to slow down, unplug from technology and take the time to appreciate what I've experienced and learned."

Raisman was a very successful gymnast during her Olympic career. She won two gold medals and one bronze medal during the 2012 Olympic Games in London. She added three more medals to her collection (one gold and two silver) when the 2016 Olympics took place in Rio de Janeiro.