Bubba Wallace Underwear Exists, Complete With Tread Marks

NASCAR is a sport known for a wide variety of merchandise. Diecast cars and shirts are popular choices among fans, but 23XI Racing's Bubba Wallace has a unique option for his supporters. He has signature underwear, complete with tread marks.

Earlier in February, Wallace posted a photo on Twitter that showed the new release from PSD Underwear. The pair was grey with red and black highlights — matching the 23XI Racing color scheme — and featured the BW logo on the front. Text on the left leg also listed Wallace's name. There were several tread marks across the front and back of the underwear to add a little bit of racing flair.

"I never thought I was going to buy underwear with another guys name on it, but I definitely have to buy a pair of these," one fan commented on Twitter after seeing Wallace's custom pair of boxer briefs. Many others weighed in and expressed amusement about the design. They said that people would try to shy away from "skid marks," but Wallace embraced the concept.

Wallace actually has two pairs of underwear available through the company owned by Kyrie Irving, Jimmy Butler, and Chandler Parsons. His second set features a winter camo design and a screaming mouth on the front. Both designs run $25.

Given the popularity of NASCAR's top three series — Cup, Xfinity, and Trucks — there is no shortage of available merchandise options for fans. Some creations are fairly standard overall. There are T-shirts bearing the names of top drivers, hats with the Monster Energy logo, and custom sandals bearing the NASCAR logo.


The NASCAR shop also offers a variety of merchandise that doesn't fit into a traditional mold. Fans have previously been able to purchase snowflake ornaments with driver names on them, a Joey Logano scarf, a William Byron Santa hat, and a Denny Hamlin calculator. There were even special NASCAR bibs for the young fans.

Wallace fans, in particular, can purchase miniature versions of him to sit on their desks or shelves. The NASCAR store has a series of 3D-printed figurines that show Wallace in his various firesuits. These figurines range between 3.5 and five inches in height and bear a shiny version of Wallace's likeness.