Ryan Newman's Recovery Sparks NASCAR Diecast Company to Create Charity Auction for Rescue Ranch Foundation

Following Ryan Newman's wreck during the Daytona 500 on Feb. 17, fans have been searching for an opportunity to support him and his charity, Rescue Ranch. One option was provided in the form of some eBay auctions. Plan B Sales, an independent distributor of NASCAR diecast cars, is selling some items autographed by Newman in an effort to raise money for Rescue Ranch.

Plan B Sales set up multiple auctions to support Newman, five of which were posted on eBay. These diecast cars were all autographed by the veteran racer and featured certificates of authenticity. Three of the items were sitting at $102.50 as of Saturday afternoon.

The secondary auction site, Motorsports Auctions, had 10 items listed that had been autographed by Newman. The highest-priced diecast car on this site was sitting at $82.50 with hours remaining on Saturday.

These auctions featuring the autographed items were not the only opportunities to support Newman and the charity that he created with his wife, Krissie Newman. Several fans donated to Rescue Ranch directly and left comments about how they were supporting Newman in wake of his crash.

"We have received quite a few heartwarming notes that people type into the 'comments' section while making their online donation; all of these will be saved and printed out for Ryan to read while he is recovering from his injuries," Elizabeth Rodriguez Newman, Director of Development for Rescue Ranch, told Business Insider.

Former racer Michael Waltrip was one of that many that donated to the organization, as he revealed on Twitter. He explained that he had learned of Newman's passion for animals and educating people to help animals during a visit to Nashville. Waltrip also called for NASCAR fans to donate to the organization after seeing Newman leave the hospital.

Based in Statesville, North Carolina, Rescue Ranch sits on 87 acres of land and could soon be expanding. The official website lists future hopes to "include nature hiking and walking education trails, a 24-hour emergency veterinarian clinic with an extern program, a therapeutic riding program, and a rescue foster adoption program" in the future.


Photo Credit: Brian Lawdermilk/Getty Images