Brett Favre Reacts to Aaron Rodgers' Rift With Packers

Brett Favre has some interesting thoughts on the issues with Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay [...]

Brett Favre has some interesting thoughts on the issues with Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. On the latest episode of Bolling with Favre podcast, Favre said that Rodgers is not going to back down from leaving Green Bay. And if the Packers don't trade Rodgers, he could sit the entire 2021 season.

"Knowing Aaron, and I think I know him fairly well, if he has a grudge, whether it be against the organization or a player or an arch-rival, or family, friends, he ain't budging," Favre said. "I don't see him coming back and saying — if this is not resolved, however, whatever the issue is — if it's not resolved, or even if it's resolved but he feels like they have one-up on him, he ain't gonna play. Knowing Aaron, he would sit. Now, he would forgo a lot of money, but he's also got a lot of money."

Favre also talked about Rodgers became frustrated with the Packers. It dates back to last year when the team traded up in the NFL Draft to take Jordan Love to be the next starting quarterback for the Packers. This was something that Favre talked about last year when the move was made.

"Aaron and I have a great relationship, and we talked about it," Favre said at the time per Pro Football Talk. "Obviously, he's a little disappointed." Favre also said: "Aaron, do you ever look around and say, 'I feel like the odd man out?' And he said, 'Yeah.'"

Rodgers has yet to speak publicly on the situation. However, he did talk to Mike Tirico of NBC Sports off-camera about his love for the Packers and the city of Green Bay. "He expressed a couple of times how much he loves Green Bay, loves the fans, loves the franchise," Tirico said. "There is a chasm between management and the reigning NFL MVP."

Favre knows what Rodgers is going through as Rodgers was drafted in the first round in 2005 while Favre was still the Packers' starting quarterback. Favre played another three seasons for the Packers before Rodgers took over in 2008. At the time, the thought was Favre was going to retire soon, and the Packers were looking for their next starting quarterback. What happened last year took Rodgers by surprise as the team didn't inform him they were going to take a quarterback in the first round.