Blake Shelton Has Hilarious Team Statement After J.J. Watt Signs With Cardinals

Monday afternoon, the Arizona Cardinals and J.J. Watt revealed that the longtime Houston Texans star would head to the desert on a two-year contract. The members of the fanbase responded with excitement, particularly, country star Blake Shelton. He headed to Twitter and released a hilarious statement "on behalf of" the NFL team.

"Congratulations [J.J. Watt] and welcome home to the [Arizona Cardinals] my man!!! I will be fielding all inquiries on behalf of [Cardinals GM] Steve Keim. Our first statement is as follows.. 'Other teams can suck it,'" The Voice star tweeted on Monday afternoon. Many fans responded and agreed with Shelton, saying that they had beaten out the Green Bay Packers, Buffalo Bills, and Cleveland Browns among other teams in order to acquire Watt.

Even the Cardinals weighed in after seeing Shelton's tweet, though the organization pumped the brakes just a bit. "We don’t know if that would be our first statement, but we are definitely really excited," the team wrote in response to Shelton.

The Voice star is a massive Cardinals fan and regularly shows his support on social media. One example is a 2020 play when second-year quarterback Kyler Murray and DeAndre Hopkins partnered for a wild Hail Mary pass with mere seconds remaining against the Buffalo Bills. The play resulted in a stunning win, as well as an over-the-top reaction from Shelton.

"My god [Arizona Cardinals] what a game!! Congrats!!! I died, came back to life, s— my pants and hyperextended my scrotum all in 30 seconds!!!!" Shelton tweeted after the Cardinals defeated the Bills. This comment turned several heads and became a long-lasting joke on social media. Several Cardinals fans even asked the country star if he had "hyperextended his scrotum" after Watt signed with his favorite team. As of Monday afternoon, Shelton has provided the much-requested update.


The Cardinals also responded to Shelton after this outburst on social media. The team said that the country star had gone through a "tough 30 seconds" while watching his favorite team snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. The Cardinals expressed hope that Shelton was all right after the late-game incident and his "strong" reactions.

While the country star and the NFL team interact regularly on Twitter and have a positive relationship, there are limits. Shelton revealed during the virtual NFL Draft that the team has not given him quarterback Kyler Murray's phone number despite being outspoken in his support over the years. The reason is that he might "bug" Murray too often.