Watch Barack Obama Nail 3-Point Shot While Campaigning With Joe Biden

Barack Obama still has it. The former president recently showed off his basketball skills while campaigning with presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden in Michigan. Obama made a three-point shot at a gym in Flint River, Michigan, which impressed everyone who was there.

"That's what I do," Obama yells after hitting the shot before lowing his "VOTE" mask and yelling again, "That's what I do!" The shot was tweeted by Olivia Raisner, Biden's campaign traveling digital director, as well as Obama. It was so impressive, four-time NBA champion LeBron James weighed in.

"Now you just showing out now my friend!!" James tweeted. "That's what you do huh?? Ok ok I see. All cash!" This is nothing new for Obama as he is arguably the best basketball-playing president of all-time. Former White House Communications Director and Senior Advisor Dan Pfeiffer talked to GQ about a time where Obama made a shot on live TV during an interview in 2007.

"The President stopped to do a short interview, and then someone tossed him a basketball and we're live on CNN," Pfeiffer said in the 2017 interview. "And I'm like, 'Do not shoot this. Do not shoot this. Do not shoot this.' In the stupid world of politics, the metaphor of the candidate missing a shot on live television would have been unfortunate. And he kind of looks at me, like, 'Really?' And fires one, and makes it, live on television, sort of feeding the legend of Obama, clutch individual." Obama's basketball skills were well-known in the community. There was one time he played a pickup game with the North Carolina Tarheels when was trying to become the Democratic nominee.


"He wanted to know if our guys would be interested in playing pickup with him," North Carolina head coach Roy Williams said. "I figured it was one of my idiotic buddies playing a joke on me. He came early one morning, at about 7:15...He has [some] sneaky little lefty, old-school moves. He really set a great standard for me, just about how humble he was and how great he was with people. Who he was as a person was really impressive. His game was just a little impressive."