Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez's 'Flip the Switch' Challenge Video Skewered by David Spade and Chris Hardwick

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez recently entertained their fans by taking part in the 'Flip the [...]

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez recently entertained their fans by taking part in the "Flip the Switch" challenge on TikTok. The couple filmed themselves in front of a mirror while Drake's song, "Nonstop," played and then switched clothing, resulting in the former New York Yankee wearing Lopez's dress and dancing. While Drake appreciated the video, David Spade and Chris Hardwick were far less entertained.

The video was shown during an episode of the Comedy Central show Lights Out with David Spade. The comedian/actor showed Lopez and Rodriguez taking part in the challenge, which led to comments from his panel of guests. Hardwick, Jo Koy, and Yamaneika Saunders all poked fun at the video. Although the host of AMC's Talking Dead did clarify that he believes Lopez and Rodriguez can get away with their TikTok videos while others in their 40s and 50s cannot do the same.

"I think this is the only middle-aged couple that can get away with it," Hardwick said. "But I don't want to post on TikTok because it's just like ... I feel like I'm going to a high school party. Like I'm saying to my middle-aged friends 'your Tik has Tok'd. Let the kids have this one.' But in this case, they can do it."

While Spade compared this TikTok challenge to the coronavirus and said that we should "take it serious," Koy had some different points to make. Specifically, he wanted to focus on the sweater dress being worn by Rodriguez.

"I'm just wondering why that dress fits Alex so good," Koy said to to the panel. "Whose dress is that? I'm just saying, it's a perfect fit. I get the suit on J-Lo. It's big. That fits perfectly, man."

To Koy's point, Rodriguez is 6-foot-3-inches and was 230 pounds during his playing career. Lopez, on the other hand, is 5-foot-5-inches. That's a considerable height difference, but the dress still fit the former MLB star.

The panel of comedians on Lights Out with David Spade did not particularly enjoy the TikTok video, but several other celebrities have been taking part in the challenge. Former Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte and his wife Kayla Reid stunned their fans with a recent "Flip the Switch" video while Max Greenfield and Cedric the Entertainer switched clothing on the set of The Neighborhood. Even Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest took part in the challenge. They just avoided comments from Spade and Hardwick.

(Photo Credit: Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Turner)