Aaron Rodgers Questions NFL's COVID-19 Protocols: 'Are We Doing All This Based on Science?'

Aaron Rodgers is not sure that the NFL's COVID-19 protocols are keeping the players safe. The Super Bowl winner and two-time NFL MVP was recently on The Pat McAfee Show and discussed playing during a pandemic. One of the issues Rodgers has is the actual point of all the protocols.

“Obviously the proponents of all that say it’s necessary to get us to the finish line and to the season,” Rodgers said. "I think there’s a lot of questions about — are we doing all this based on science? And it’s all necessary?" He also mentioned the social distancing guidelines teams have to abide by and how it can be challenging.

“There's one-person tables in the lunchroom," Rodgers stated. "There’s plexiglass, or whatever the hell it is between our lockers. ... It definitely puts a strain on that locker room conversation and camaraderie." Rodgers also believes there are some "double standards" to the protocols based on what players can and can't do. "I'm just wondering what is this based on?" Rodgers asked. "I just think there’s some double standards. You can dap up a guy after the game, but you can’t eat at the same lunch table as a teammate. You can go down to practice and hit each other and be in close contact, but you have to have plexiglass in between you and the guy next to you in the locker room."

This is not the first time the Green Bay Packers quarterback has expressed frustration with the league when it comes to its coronavirus guidelines. In October, Rodgers talked to reporters about not being able to leave the city of Green Bay during the team's bye week. At the time, the Packers were off to a 4-0 start, and Rodgers was looking to get away for a few days.

"Yeah, it sucks. Totally sucks," Rodgers said. "That's all I can say about that. Obviously, it is what it is, the situation, but especially as an older player, I look forward to the bye weeks. I look forward to a reset, recharge the batteries. It is what it is. We'll be here. We'll make the most of it. But, it sucks."