49ers WR Emmanuel Sanders Liked and Retweeted Own Highlights During Game Against Saints

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders is happy the team is playing at a high level. In Sunday's game against the New Orleans Saints, Sanders finished the day with seven receptions for 157 yards and one touchdown in the 48-46 win. And he was so impressed with the way he was playing, he went to Twitter during halftime of the game and liked and retweeted his own highlights, which is a big no-no.

Fans took notice of Sanders doing this and For The Win was able to obtain a screenshot of Sanders retweeting him scoring on a 75-yard touchdown reception. He also liked the play on Twitter and NFL reporter Dov Kleiman was able to get a screenshot of it and post it on his Twitter account.

When fans saw this, they didn't understand the big deal about it. One fan wrote: "Or maybe someone else is running his SM during the game."

Another fan also believes a friend or relative could have been using his Twitter account. The Twitter user wrote: "He could easily have people who have his login too. Not exactly wild to think one of his kids or wife is back in Denver/San Fran playing on his iPad or computer.

All that might be true, but the NFL doesn't know that and it is against the rules. Back in 2009, the NFL made a policy social media usage for players and it states: "During games, no updates will be permitted by the individual himself or anyone representing him on his personal Twitter, Facebook or any other social media account."

As of now, Sanders is not in any trouble because his halftime action on Twitter was removed. Sanders was a big part of the 49er's win in New Orleans on Sunday as he threw a touchdown pass to go along with his 75-yard TD reception.


“We ran it like five times (in practice)," Sanders said per the team's official website. "The last time we ran it I actually threw a duck. I was like, ‘man, don’t throw a duck in the game because that will be on 'ESPN Not Top 10.' I was able to execute today. I know (Coach Kyle Shanahan) was like, ‘please do not throw a duck again.’ It felt good. It was one of those plays coming into the game that we wanted to be a touchdown. So, it feels good being up here.”

Sanders and the 49ers are 10-3 right now. They will look to go 11-3 on Sunday when they take on the Atlanta Falcons.