Willie Robertson and Christian Huff Test Their Pageant Swimwear Walk in 'At Home With the Robertsons' Exclusive Sneak Peek

Willie Robertson and Christian Huff are giving the pageant life a try themselves after their [...]

Willie Robertson and Christian Huff are giving the pageant life a try themselves after their conversation with former Bachelorette Hannah Brown on Monday's At Home With the Robertsons. After diving deep into pageants' possible objectification of women with the former Miss Alabama USA, the men of Duck Dynasty decided to give the swimwear competition a go on their own, which you can catch exclusively on PopCulture ahead of Thursday's all-new episode on Facebook Watch.

Strutting down the makeshift runway wearing a fake muscle bodysuit under his swim trunks, Willie jokes to wife Korie and daughter Sadie, "Hey guys, are you ready for the beach? 'Cause I'm ready!" Sadie brands the trick "not fair," as Willie jokes, "Should I not have shaved my chest?" When the two women ask him to do a spin to show off the fake goods from all angles, he admits the feeling is "super objectifying," asking, "Why do you need to see the back, the front should be good enough!"

Huff is up next, showing off his physique without the help of the fake muscles as wife Sadie cheers him on. "That's real!" she assures mom Korie, who notes, "I don't think that's a bodysuit." Willie, meanwhile, isn't thrilled to have Huff following him, exclaiming, "Oh good grief, come on man!"

On Monday's episode of the Facebook Watch show, Brown had a candid conversation with the Robertsons about her own pageant career caused her to have problems with mental health. "I had a director of a pageant, she emailed me a picture of another girl's body and said 'I need you to look like this in your swimsuit before this time,'" the Dancing With the Stars winner recalled. "It killed me, it really did. And I would go a year without eating carbs, I would y'know… it really messed with me a lot and I dealt with some anxiety and depression because of it."

It's this kind of conversation Korie and Willie were interested in fostering when they first dreamed up the idea for At Home With the Robertsons, they told PopCulture earlier this month. "We don't always have to agree, but we can love one another and be kind and respectful and have fun together and be friends even when we're talking about hard things," they shared. At the end of the day, Willie said he hoped people on both sides of the issues they discuss keep an open mind: "I think people, some people will be surprised maybe on how we feel about things, and some people will be surprised at the other side of how we get along." At Home With the Robertsons airs Mondays and Thursdays at 12 p.m. ET/9 a.m. PT on Facebook Watch.