Willie and Korie Robertson Admit It Was 'Scary' Tackling Divisive Topics in New Series 'At Home With the Robertsons' (Exclusive)

Willie and Korie Robertson want to dig deep into the topics that divide us in order to build [...]

Willie and Korie Robertson want to dig deep into the topics that divide us in order to build bridges. The Duck Dynasty stars, who Monday premiered their new Facebook Watch talk show, At Home With the Robertsons, admitted in a conversation with PopCulture.com that while it was "scary" tackling divisive issues like racism and abstinence, they felt it was important enough to take a risk.

After Duck Dynasty, Willie shared he and his family were waiting for the right opportunity to take up next, and during the COVID-19 pandemic, they got the "idea of kind of maybe building some bridges and creating some talking spaces to really go through some tough issues" and start to build "a solution to come of those problems." Korie added, "We don't always have to agree, but we can love one another and be kind and respectful and have fun together and be friends even when we're talking about hard things."

At Home With the Robertsons will air two episodes a week for the next eight weeks on Mondays and Thursdays. Mondays' episodes will feature Willie and Korie digging into a topic and with one of their celebrity guests — including Yandy Smith-Harris and Mendeecees Harris, Tim and Demi Tebow and Hannah Brown — and giving them a taste of Louisiana outdoor living.

Putting themselves out there in such a vulnerable way was intimidating for the Robertsons and, they imagine, for their guests. "Yeah, it's scary, especially the way cancel culture is now," Willie said. "You can say one thing and you're out, but we just felt like we have to say something ... we're not just gonna sit there and be quiet." At the end of the day, Willie said he hopes people on both sides keep an open mind: "I think people, some people will be surprised maybe on how we feel about things, and some people will be surprised at the other side of how we get along."

On Thursdays' episodes of the show, other members of the Roberston family will come together to discuss what they learned from earlier in the week and share their own opinions, which Willie and Korie said was one of the most unexpected parts of the whole journey for them. "One thing that surprised me more probably than even the initial interviews was some of the things that my kids thought that I didn't know," Willie admitted. "I was like, 'Wow, I didn't know you felt that way or thought that.' ... So that's fascinating."

The Robertsons hope their show can spark similar conversations in families across the country, leading to a little more "harmony" in the long run. "We just hope that people will come along and put themselves in our shoes or the [guests'] shoes — wherever you feel like — and hopefully just have fun." At Home With the Robertsons will drop two episodes a week for the next eight weeks, airing Mondays and Thursdays at 12 p.m. ET/9 a.m. PT on Facebook Watch.