Why 'Home Town' Didn't Show the Napiers' Living Room During Season Premiere

Viewers tuning into the Season 6 premiere of HGTV's hit renovation show Home Town got a glimpse into series stars Ben and Erin Napier's home. The premiere episode saw the couple turning the script a bit from the usual format, this time tackling a home renovation project at their own house in Laurel, Mississippi, but some viewers were left questioning why the episode didn't show the couple's living room.

While the couple has been settling into life as a family of four – they are parents to 4-year-old Helen and 1-year-old Mae – in their main residence in Laurel, they recently added another property to the mix, a stunning new country home that they plan to use as a weekend getaway. Located not far from their main residence, the home was first debuted in Southern Living's November cover story, and just weeks later, the couple gave fans an inside look at what it took to achieve the beautiful home. With the help of family and friends, the Napiers embarked on a massive renovation, but they left one room out: the living room. Taking to Instagram to address why the room was present in the episode, Erin simply shared that "it didn't need renovation" as she shared several photos of the room in question.

"Why didn't we show the living room on [Home Town]? Because it didn't need renovation," Napier shared, going on to reveal that she and her husband "just updated the cream paint to show off the woodwork and replaced the light fixtures. The way the sun streams inside every morning takes my breath away."

In the post, Napier went on to explain other details of the room, writing that the sofa table is actually "an old store fixture that we used to use in the [Scotsman Company] general store." She quipped that she "stole it and now it's my candle storage cabinet." The living room also features a blue and white sofa, Erin dubbing it "the irreverent moment in the otherwise formal room (it, and the pile of toys and tiny grocery buggies the girls keep in there)." The other sofa in the room "is 25 years old, the greatest sofa my mama ever owned that was passed down to us when we got married," Erin continued, explaining that she had it reupholstered "in a linen blend performance fabric that's easy to clean and now mama wants it back." Meanwhile, Ben built the coffee table, which Erin revealed "doubles as an art desk for the girls."

The glimpse into the room certainly seemed to make fans happy. Commenting on the post, one person wrote, "I love the sofa table! There's just something about a piece of old furniture with lots of little storage drawers," with another person writing, "Beautiful, but that rust colored chair is [heart] looks so comfy and cozy." New episodes of Home Town Season 6 air Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on HGTV. Episodes are also available to stream on discovery+.