Watch Snoop Dogg Narrate Shark Week 2020 in a 'Sharkadelic Summer' Sneak Peek

Snoop Dogg is bringing the shizzle to Shark Week 2020! The rapper will take on the role of nature documentarian for Discovery's Sharkadelic Summer, offering his candid viewpoint on all things sharky while taking a look at why Great White Sharks are taking up residence along American shores in the new special, debuting Thursday, Aug. 13. Ahead of the Sharkadelic premiere, has a sneak peek of some of Snoop's most hilarious "bites."

As Snoop watches some of the most extraordinary shark footage from the sound booth, he shouts, "That shark ain't playin'!" before telling another woman "scaring the fish" to shut up. Learning about some sharks' ability to swim in freshwater environments, he says in shock, "Now I gotta worry about running into a shark while I'm chillin' on the lazy river?" and notes that he has no plans to travel to Cape Cod, not only because he doesn't "care for" lobster and Red Sox fans, but also because of the hundreds of sharks teeming in the waters off the coast. The California rapper also managed to throw a little shade at Dr. Dre, quipping, "Damn that shark took off faster than Dr. Dre when the party run out of snacks!"

In a description of the special from Discovery, Snoop wonders if this will be the "sharkiest" summer in U.S. history: "Snoop will break down the craziest shark encounters caught on tape, marvel at the wild and unpredictable reactions, and meet with the leading experts who are trying to unlock the secrets behind this great white shark invasion."

Snoop isn't the only star Discovery brought on board for Shark Week 2020. Sunday, boxer Mike Tyson took on three rounds in the water for Tyson vs. Jaws: Rumble on the Reef. Vomiting and admitting he was "scared to death" before taking on the underwater challenge, Tyson did eventually achieve tonic immobility with a shark by gently turning it onto its back, which causes a temporary relaxed state in a shark. It might not have exactly been the kind of knockout Tyson is used to in the ring, but was more than enough for the champ to be crowned the winner in his underwater face-off. Don't miss Snoop's Shark Week 2020 debut on Sharkadelic Summer, airing Thursday, Aug. 13 at 9 p.m. ET on Discovery. For more on Discovery's Shark Week, click here and keep it locked to