'Walker' Fans Probably Won't Like What's Filling Its CW Time Slot This Fall

The CW's fall schedule has been released, and Walker fans may not be happy with what is taking the shows' place later this year. While Walker will be coming back for Season 4, Walker: Independence was canceled after only one season, but the former won't be coming back until midseason due to the ongoing strikes. The network has taken a strike-proof approach, airing only unscripted and acquired material, and in place of the Walker shows, it's going to be FBoy Island.

What's definitely a change of pace from Western crime dramas to reality dating, FBoy Island will make its CW debut with a two-hour Season 3 premiere on Thursday, October 12 at 8 p.m. ET. Hosted by comedian Nikki Glaser, the series centers on three female contestants and 24 male counterparts as half of the men are "nice guys" interested in forming a relationship and splitting the $100,000 cash prize while the other half are "fboys" interested in competing for the cash prize and taking it for themselves as three boys are eliminated each episode depending on who the girls choose or not choose to date, and afterwards, they reveal themselves to be a "nice boy" or "fboy." A Bachelorette star is going to be coming to FBoy Island, so it may be one to watch.

Considering FBoy Island is wildly different from Walker and Walker: Independence, it is definitely going to be hard to watch The CW this fall without either, especially knowing that Independence isn't even coming back at all. It's not the type of replacement that fans may have been hoping on, but considering the network is only showing unscripted and acquired content, it's not surprising that there isn't really a good replacement. A reality dating show may not be what most people were expecting, but hopefully, this will only be for the fall and not longer. The CW is bringing in spinoff FGirl Island, which is expected to air during midseason, so who knows what the schedule will look like next year.

With the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, it's unknown when Walker Season 4 could premiere on The CW, but it won't be until at least early 2024, maybe later. While the show's fall replacement won't be everyone's cup of tea, all three seasons, plus the first season of Walker: Independence, are streaming on Max, so fans won't be completely without the Western dramas, even if there won't be new episodes for a while.