'Swamp People' Star Pickle Wheat: Age, Bio and More Personal Details

Hunting gators in the swamps of the Atchafalaya River Basin and other swamplands in Louisiana is not easy, and while Swamp People star Pickle Wheat may be one of the youngest members of the show, she has proven herself to be formidable hand at the trade, all while quickly becoming a fan-favorite. When Swamp People returned for its 12th season back in 2021, joining the familiar faces of returning cast members was a young and fresh face, Pickle Wheat. But who exactly is Pickle Wheat?

Born to Eddie and Missie Wheat on Sept. 21, 1995, Wheat, real name Cheyenne Wheat, was born into a family of swampers and raised alongside her brother in Poydras, Louisiana. According to her biography on the History website, she relies "on the wisdom gained from her long family history of swampers," as her great-grandfather was one of the original alligator hunters in St. Bernard Parish. She was first introduced to gator hunting by her grandfather, with Wheat once writing, "He had a unique style of shooting that managed to keep his people safe and fed for many years unnoticed by society growing around them... It's important to me and my family to continue to share what we've learned from our ancestors and to keep following the grain. It keeps us rooted and happy."

Wheat put her gator-hunting skills to the test, and strove to make her family proud, when she joined Swamp People in Season 12, which debuted on History on February 4, 2021. She has since gone on to appear in the spinoff series Swamp People: Serpant Invasion.

During her time on Swamp People, Wheat has been a major player, even having a record year hunting with Troy. She also sparked romance with her co-star Chase Landry. The two reportedly began dating in October 2020 and made things Facebook official on Oct. 25, 2020. However, it seems that the pair have since broken things off. Wheat has since deleted all pictures of Landry from her Instagram account, after which she also temporarily deleted her profile.

She is now dating Joshua Kippes, an Emergency Medical Technician. A father to a child from a previous relationship, he is about to be a dad of two after he and Wheat announced in November 2022 that they are expecting their first child together. The couple shared the news on Wheat's Facebook, where they posed with an ultrasound image and a message board reading, "Baby Kippes coming May 2023." In January 2023, Wheat revealed that she is expecting a baby girl. The Swamp People star announced the birth of the baby girl, named Maemi, in an April 22 Instagram post.

What does Pickle Wheat do for a living?

When Wheat isn't out on the swamp hunting for gators, she can be found working at the family business, Wheats and Custom Calls. The gun shop is run by her parents and her brother, James Wheat, and she occasionally can be found making duck and turkey calls. In addition to her work there, she also sells apparel on her official website and earns money filming videos for fans on Cameo.

Is Pickle Wheat related to Troy Landry?

While Pickle Wheat and Troy Landry clearly share a special bond, they are not related. Fans might think otherwise, but it's simply not the case. As noted, she was even dating Troy's son Chase for a period of time.

How old is Pickle Wheat on Swamp People?

Pickle Wheat on Swamp People is age 27. The 27-year-old reality TV star was born on Sept. 21, 1995.

Who is the mother of Pickle Wheat?

Pickle Wheat's mom is Missie Wheat, also known as "Mama Wheat." Missie is married to Pickle's dad, Eddie Wheat.

How did Cheyenne Wheat get her nickname pickle?

While fans best know her as Pickle Wheat, her real name is Cheyenne Wheat. She previously revealed to Louisiana Sportsman that she was gifted the unique nickname by her father. Wheat explained, "My nickname came from my daddy. My middle name is Nicole and when you say 'Cheyenne Nicole' enough it starts to sound like 'shiny pickle.' I got obsessed with pickles from a young age."

Is Pickle pregnant on Swamp People?

Pickle Wheat is not pregnant. However, she was pregnant earlier in 2023. She gave birth in early 2023.

Did Pickle Wheat have baby?

Pickle Wheat gave birth to a baby girl named Maemi in April 2023. The reality TV star shared the news of Maemi's birth in an April 22 Instagram post, but the little girl's actual birthdate is not clear.

Swamp People just wrapped its 14th season on History Channel. Episodes of Swamp People: Serpent Invasion just wrapped its third season.