'Undercover Billionaire' Finale: Watch Glenn Stearns Surprise His Partner With a Massive Check (Exclusive)

Undercover Billionaire's Glenn Stearns is ready to give back to the people who gave him their all through his "insane" goal of creating a $1 million business in 90 days from just $100 — all without knowing his true billionaire identity. In a PopCulture.com exclusive sneak peek of the Discovery show's season finale, airing Tuesday, Glenn brings small business owner and single mom Dawn to tears with a massive check.

"Dawn dedicated a lot of time to the flip house, not to mention all of our contractors and decorating resources," he explains before sitting down with his go-to. "Dawn came through for me, even while juggling her own business and being a single mom. She went way above anything that she'd ever done and stretched far outside her comfort zone."

For Dawn, putting everything into building the $1 million business was intrinsic to who she is.

"I am my work," she explains to Glenn. "My heart is in my work. I poured everything that I had into that house."

It's that kind of dedication, he tells her, that earned her $25,000, sliding the life-changing check over to the shocked Dawn.

"I've never had this much money in my life, of my own money," she says through tears, struggling to find the words to thank him. "I'm gonna take my kids to Disneyland before they get too old that they can't enjoy it!"

"I have literally been paycheck to paycheck for four years," a stunned Dawn continues to the camera. "He gave me so many things — the confidence, the opportunity, the faith, the trust. This process pushed me harder than anything's ever pushed me."


Don't miss the rest of the touching conclusion of Undercover Billionaire, airing Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET on Discovery.

Photo credit: Discovery