'The Vet Life' Dr. Diarra Blue Details How to Keep Your Cat Healthy, Reveals Process of Shooting the Reality Series (Exclusive)

Dr. Diarra Blue rose to fame after starring in the reality series The Vet Life as he unexpectedly found himself in the TV world after following his dreams of becoming a veterinarian. While his show is considered reality TV, he doesn't fail to highlight that it's more of a docuseries because the camera crew merely is documenting his life and his word. In an exclusive interview with PopCulture.com or our PopCulture @ Home series, Blue highlights feline's specifically for National Cat Day, notes for cat owners how to keep their fur-babies healthy and discusses how the reality show really works behind the scenes.

"I tell my cat owners simply this: Cats, we call them domestic, they're not. They're still wild. You can tell your dog not to chase a cat. You can't tell your cat not to chase a mouse. It's going to do it," Blue explained as he's partnered with Royal Canin for their annual "Take Your Cat to the Vet" day. "All of the wild that's still in a cat is going to allow for them to hide all of their illnesses because they don't wanna become prey. They're natural predators, so it's important to remember you're dealing with a wildly domesticated animal and understand that you're not gonna always see the issues with them and the best thing you can do is preventative care."

Noting that the majority of cats will likely suffer from "kidney failure" there are ways to catch illnesses early one, and one great way to do that is by knowing your cats "normals." "If you don't know your normals, you can't know your abnormals." By developing a strong relationship with your cat, there's an increase chanced you'll be able to catch abnormals early on. "One of the biggest common symptoms that we see in cats for a good amount of diseases that they commonly get — like the top four or five — [is] excessive drinking [and] excessive urination." With over 90 million cats in United States households, Blue and Royal Canin are stressing the importance of making sure cat owners get their cats looked at by their vet at least once a year.

Being on television isn't something Dr. Blue ever thought would be a thing for him until he was presented the idea. However, unlike some reality television series, there are no double takes in The Vet Life. "We're considered a, they call it reality TV, but it's a docuseries, if you will. They're just documenting what we're doing." Admitting they do vet the film crew themselves to make sure whoever is behind the camera is up for the fast-pace task, which makes the process of filming a little easier on both the vets and the crew.


"We let them know that we're at work," he continued. "We're here to take care of animals. Like, yes, we want to make a TV show, we want to be educational, [but] you got to catch it in real-time. The stuff that you're seeing is literally in real-time. I'm not gonna stick my hand in a lion's mouth more than once, It's not gonna happen!" He adds that they're "fortunate" to have the team they do because their crew usually catch the good shots and understand his job as a vet comes first.

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