'The Masked Singer' Eliminates the Squiggly Monster, and They're a 'Full House' Star

The Masked Singer said goodbye to another masked celebrity from Group C on Wednesday night. After Broccoli, Jellyfish, Squiggly Monster and Mushroom performed, host Nick Cannon shared who would be going home. In the end, the Squiggly Monster was eliminated and revealed as comedian and Full House alum Bob Saget.

Group C previously had to say goodbye to Lips after their iconic rendition of Odyssey's "Native New Yorker." They were later revealed as talk show host Wendy Williams. For many fans, the reveal didn't come as too much of a surprise considering that Williams' trademark personality shined throughout the performance, which even involved her riffing and speaking at different moments. As the Wendy Williams Show host revealed after she was eliminated, she didn't tell anyone in her family about her involvement with the Fox competition, as she didn't want the news to slip out.

"There were tears at night because this is something scary that I normally wouldn’t do and I couldn’t really talk to anyone," she admitted to Us Weekly, telling the publication that a part of herself was happy that she didn't have to keep her appearance on The Masked Singer a secret from her loved ones anymore. "My parents would call me, and I couldn’t pick up or anything. I think they thought I fled the country or something. It was all so emotional that it really hit me at night!"

Williams noted that the only person that knew that she would be on the show was her manager. "That was it! It was so hard keeping a secret because it was very exciting to me," she added. "We couldn’t go out for dinner or go out in L.A. or anything so it was just to set and back to the hotel!"

Williams went on to share that she knows that she's not a professional singer, but she still had fun on the show regardless. As she went on to explain, the talk show host even noted that Cannon immediately knew that it was her following her unique performance. “All my friends and family say to me, ‘Wendy, you can talk, but don’t sing!’ They tell me to stay in my lane. I’ll show them,” she added. “After I’d sing a line, then I would laugh. I thought that gave it away. I was really filled with joy though. Nick Cannon knew right away. When we sat down, he said, ‘I’m not going to say anything, but I know who you are right away!’ And he said he couldn’t believe I pulled this off! I had no idea he would be wearing those red sparkly shoes that matched my lips costume.”