'The Bachelor': Colton Underwood Sends Home 4 Women After First Dates

Now that Colton Underwood has met the women competing to become Mrs. Underwood, The Bachelor star was ready to dive further into their personal lives—for better or for worse.

Tuesday's all-new episode of the ABC dating show was all about firsts, as Colton took the ladies on the first group dates and one-on-one date of his season, sending home four women at the end of the episode.

For the season's first group date, Hannah G., Demi, Tracy, Nicole, Catherine, Onyeka, Bri and Elyse were tasked with detailing their "firsts" in front of hundreds of people at the Los Angeles Regent Theater. With the help of Will and Grace star Megan Mullally and her husband, Parks and Recreation star Nick Offerman, the women told stories of their various romantic firsts, while Demi showcased her confident side by turning her speech into a "first" kiss with the NFL player in front of the crowd—and the other ladies.

Despite claiming she deserved the first group date rose publicly, Demi did not receive the honor, which instead went to Elyse for her candid monologue about being a woman who began dating younger men as she got older.

Demi's bold attitude definitely didn't win her any friends among the women in the house, sparking a talking to from controversial contestant Tracy that didn't seem to inspire much of a change of attitude in the spunky blonde.

For the first one-on-one date, birthday girl Hannah B. got to spend the first individual time with the 26-year-old philanthropist while riding horses in the desert, but got tongue tied during a toast after losing her confidence in such a small setting. She came back to make an impression on Colton, however, and Hannah got a date rose for herself.

On the second group date of the episode, Caelynn, Katie, Alex, Cassie, Heather, Tayshia, Sydney, Nina, Courtney, Erika, Caitlin and Kirpa were taken to "Camp Bachelor," where they channeled their summers as children into some seriously silly competitions—with the help of comedian Billy Eichner—including a relay race, badminton and tug of war.

Colton was clearly impressed with the team that managed to pull off a victory in the physical challenges, consisting of Caelynn, Katie, Alex, Cassie, Tayshia and Heather (who got the second group date rose), all of whom got to spend the night camping with Colton under the stars. On the losing team were Sydney, Nina, Courtney, Erika, Caitlin and Kirpa.

During the final cocktail party preceding the rose ceremony, the women were ready to stake their final claim with Colton before possibly being sent home, but not all the ladies were in good form. From Tracy, who ended up crying alone in a room, to bathrobe-clad Demi, who dragged Colton into a closet to talk, the stakes were higher than ever leading into the big moment itself.

In the end, Colton just wasn't feeling it with Annie and Angelique, neither of whom got dates this week, Erika and Alex.


The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

Photo credit: ABC/Rick Rowell