'Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant' Reportedly Renewed Amid Low Ratings

Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant was has been renewed for another season. The Ashley reports that the Teen Mom spinoff is getting another chance despite record-low ratings in viewership this current season. Sources tell the popular blog that MTV has ordered at least 12 additional episodes of the show. The show currently stars Brianna Jaramillo, Kayla Sessler, Rachel Beaver, and Kiaya Elliott. Madisen Beith and Kayla Jones also star as "guests."

Despite such, not all cast members have been invited back for the next season. "The show has been renewed for additional episodes, but the word behind the scenes is that only four girls have been asked back so far for the new episodes," a source reveals. No one on the cast has signed their contracts as of yet. 

Season 3 did not get off to a good. The premiere episode received just 260,000 live/same day viewers, the lowest episode in any Teen Mom franchise. Another unsuccessful spinoff, Teen Mom: Young Moms Club, was canceled after just six episodes. Though another season is good news, The Ashley reports that ratings are still not the best. The show has fallen under the 200k threshold, with the latest episode bringing in just 160,000 viewers. Some of the cast from the Young and Pregnant franchise are currently filming the spinoff crossover special, which will feature cast members from each franchise. The cast is filming on location at a wellness retreat in San Diego.


The purpose of the crossover spinoff special is reportedly to help boost the franchise's ratings, as all Teen Mom subsidiaries are struggling in the ratings department. There's already been a major blowup during filming with Teen Mom 2 stars Jade Cline, Briana and Brittney DeJesus, and Ashley Jones. The DeJesus sisters were reportedly asked to leave the location and placed in a hotel after the fallout.