'Teen Mom' Personality Seemingly Quits After 'Commotion' While Filming

Teen Mom 2 fans won't be seeing any more of the spicy Roxanne DeJesus, the fierce and protective mother of Briana DeJesus, one of the stars on the show. Roxanne says she's "done" with the show. The revelation came during a heated Instagram live where Roxanne hinted that her daughters - Briana, 27, Brittany, 29, and their co-star Jade Cline got into a fight with their co-star Ashley Jones. Roxanne posted the video on Wednesday, Sept. 15. 

The fight reportedly went down during the filming of the forthcoming spinoff series featuring a host of Teen Mom crossover stars at a retreat in San Diego, California. "I'm done. I'm sure [the network] is trying to figure out what they are going to do," she said, explaining the incident happened the evening before on Sept. 14. "The plan for this new show was gather the girls around and hope for the best. A commotion broke out," Roxanne continued. "Words were said. I don't think there was any altercation." 

Per Roxanne, the argument was "between my two daughters, Jade and Ashley." She claimed the producers removed Jade, Brittany, and Briana and made the trio stay at another hotel while Ashley remained at the filming location. 

According to The Ashley's Reality Roundup's exclusive report on the spinoff, "The producers are hoping that, by putting girls who never work together in the same setting, it will be interesting," a source told the blog. "They are thinking the girls will do 'healing exercises' together like sound therapy, etc., and maybe group therapy." The series is intended to revive the series' declining ratings. 

Jones and Cline have had issues in the past. Both were formerly on Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant but are now part of the Teen Mom 2 cast. Issues between them allegedly stem from Jones initially being offered to jump franchises first. She says she declined due to not being offered a bump in salary. Cline joined in her place, setting off the rift. Jones joined the franchise shortly after.


It's unclear exactly what happened, but Roxanne says it all started due to a lie. "OK. It didn't go well last night, so, what is the plan now?" Roxanne said in her video, posing the question if MTV would film at a different location with the others. But she says the hassle is "not worth it" and she wants her daughters "back home" now. "What you sold was a lie. An illusion. A f–ing lie," she continued. "Do not show up at my house with your f–ing cameras. Do not send any COVID tests. I am done with your bulls–...Shove that money up your a—, and I'm out." 

In Touch reached out to the network, the DeJesus sisters, Cline, and Jones for comment. At the time of the report, no comments were given.