'Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant': Kiaya Talks to Teazha About Her Family After Fight Ends in Arrest in Exclusive Sneak Peek

Kiaya Elliott is checking in with girlfriend Teazha as she struggles with her own family trauma following the fight that ended in Kiaya's arrest. In a PopCulture.com exclusive sneak peek of Tuesday's Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, Kiaya and Teazha discuss her estranged family as Teazha admits she hasn't seen anyone in her family since they tried to come at Kiaya. 

She hasn't even spoken to any family members except her grandma, who calls her "all the time." Kiaya asks, "You ain't heard from your mom neither?," as Teazha confirms she hasn't. "Nope. But I'm really starting not to care," she admits, "because I think I'm the only one that sees that my family is broken and been broken before I even came into the picture."

Kiaya suggests reaching out to have a conversation with her mom at some point, noting, "I mean you do only get one mom, regardless of the things that she does." She asks, "Do you feel like you've done your best to make amends with that situation – with your mom?" Teazha confesses that she doesn't think any conversation can even be had with her mom at this point.

"I'm talking to somebody that's delusional, that don't see nothing wrong – that everything is peaches and cream when it's not. You get what I'm saying?" she tells Kiaya. "Like it's portraying something that it's not. So I'm not gonna sit down and have no conversation with you when it's like I'm talking to a brick. Like damn, do you even wake up and think about me?"

She continues, "I think that's just what made me sad, 'cause it's like damn, the person who put me in this world, do you even think about me?" Kiaya tells her girlfriend that in all the years they've been together, "there's not a day that goes by" where she doesn't see her childhood trauma bothering her. "So yes, you have done a lot on your own, and I wanna acknowledge that and I want you to see I see all the work you've done on yourself," she adds, "but it just seems like that's a type of hurt that you're not gonna be able to solve by yourself."

Asking if there's a way to support Teazha regardless of her decision to reach out to family, Teazha says she always knows Kiaya and her mom will be there for her. "I mean y'all gonna do that regardless, 'cause that's just how y'all is," she responds. "I mean that's already a given, like I know that's already coming ...'cause y'all been doing that since we've been young." Kiaya's mom is like Teazha's own mother at this point. "That's what people don't understand – like it's way deeper than me just being your girlfriend," she expresses. "Like that's my mama. She look at me like, you know, like I'm her child or whatever." Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.