'Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant': Kiaya and Teazha Discuss Their Relationship After Huge Fight in Exclusive Sneak Peek

Kiaya and Teazha's massive fight is still on the Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant stars' minds, but the exes are determined to work on themselves to make sure it never happens again. In a PopCulture.com exclusive sneak peek of Tuesday's all-new episode of the Teen Mom spinoff, the two sit down to discuss where things went wrong in their blowout fight.

"I don't know what the future holds for me and Teazha, but I know I will always want her in my life," Kiaya admits before the conversation with Teazha. "Even though I don't think therapy is the way to go, I do want to work things out with her." Looking back on their massive argument, Kiaya tells Teazha she thinks they got "too hype" and weren't listening to each other. 

"We should have just left it alone and came back to it, because every time we argue and then leave it alone and come back to it, we be like, 'It ain't even that deep,'" she continues. Despite their romantic relationship having come to an end, Kiaya says she feels closer to Teazha than ever, and thinks it's healthy that they only have to focus on improving themselves, "because we only 20 years old and we still gotta get ourselves together."

Teazha admits it's a unique relationship dynamic they've developed, but tells Kiaya they don't need other people to understand it as long as they do. Moving forward, Teazha continues she's going to work on her temper as well as her tendency to "shut down or shut people out when I start to feel uncomfortable," which is something she does a lot. The MTV star also wants to work on approaching her anger "in a different way, because don't nobody wanna be with no hothead."


Kiaya praises Teazha for getting "a lot better at acknowledging" her anger issues, and says on her side she needs to work on not "[catching] an attitude so easily" and controlling her own temper. Can these two work things out? Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET. on MTV.