'Teen Mom': Why Briana DeJesus Dumped Her Latest Boyfriend

Teen Mom star Briana DeJesus is opening up about how her relationship with Bobby Scott came to an end. As Ashley's Reality Roundup noted, DeJesus broke up with Scott on Tuesday night's episode of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter. She later took to Twitter to explain why she chose to break up with him. 

Viewers saw on Tuesday's episode that DeJesus told Scott, a former security guard on the franchise, that she needed a break from the relationship in order to focus on her mental health. However, things took an interesting turn after DeJesus didn't hear from Scott for three weeks. After that period of time, the Teen Mom star said that she was disappointed by Scott's "radio silence" and broke things off permanently. She added that she didn't appreciate that he didn't "investigate" why she wanted to put distance between them. But, Scott countered that he had and that he responded to her text to say that he loved her. He also said that he "would love to walk [her] through" whatever she was dealing with, but DeJesus responded by accusing him of trying to place the blame on her. 

"I'm not happy in this relationship right now. In my eyes, I think we are over," DeJesus told him. Fans were a bit confused by how the whole situation panned out. So, DeJesus further explained the matter on Twitter, telling her followers that she wanted to see "actions" from her partner instead of the "radio silence" that she experienced. She wrote, "I think for me…I needed to see actions instead of just hearing someone say they are there.. going radio silent proved otherwise to me. I tried to open up about my mental health to my partner and I felt like I wasn't being understood."

"I always show out and show up for every relationship I've ever been in…but the moment I feel like the energy isn't being reciprocated…I have to end it," she added. DeJesus and Scott's relationship may have come to an end, but their coupling caused a major stir when they were on better terms. Ashley's Reality Roundup confirmed that they were an item earlier this year. At the same time, the publication also reported that the pair's relationship caused Scott and most of the Teen Mom franchise's other security guards to lose their jobs.