'Teen Mom' Star Gary Shirley Kisses Wife's Belly But Insists She's Not Pregnant

Teen Mom OG's Gary Shirley is clearing up pregnancy rumors about wife Kristina after he shared a [...]

Teen Mom OG's Gary Shirley is clearing up pregnancy rumors about wife Kristina after he shared a photo Wednesday in which he was kissing her belly in what looked like it could have been a pregnancy announcement. The photo was part of an Instagram post that included not only shots of Kristina and Gary, but also their daughter Emilee, 5, and 12-year-old Leah, whom Shirley shares with ex Amber Portwood, as well as some family friends.

"I think we took like 900 pics this day so yes there's a bunch of silly ones and 1 made the cut," Shirley edited the caption to add after pregnancy questions began to roll in. "[By the way] [Kristina] IS NOT PREGO!" The original post didn't include specific verbiage about pregnancy but did include a heartfelt message to Kristina that some fans interpreted as a subtle announcement.

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"To my wife [Kristina], I couldn't ask for a better partner, and I'm very blessed!" he wrote. "Thank you for all you do. I could name it all off, but ain't nobody got time for that. :) I'm very thankful for these kids Leah and Emilee. You guys shine so bright."

The appreciative post comes just two weeks after Gary said he and Kristina would "take a step back" from their relationship with Portwood after she went on social media rant calling them "two-faced liars" for joking on Teen Mom OG that she was like a "teen daughter" to them. On a post from Teen Mom Shade Room about Portwood's lashing out, Shirley commented, "We will be taking a step back and trying to see where to go from here. While trying to keep putting Leah's best interest first. For a while now that was (co-parenting) [I don't know] how to do it anymore. I'm trying not to get into the fine details of everything trying to have some class. Again thank you all for the support."

He then apologized to his "amazing" wife for putting up with "an infinite amount of Amber's [behavior]" for the sake of Leah. "She is a sweet caring being & my best friend," the MTV star wrote of his wife. "I'm also very thankful for everyone here for also seeing through some of the BS."

Portwood's lashing out came just days after she told PopCulture she was incredibly grateful for all of the Shirleys' support following her domestic violence arrest. "I really felt like they were there for me, because they understood I was in a tough situation," she said in late January. "The relationship we're in right now, I don't want to hurt it or strain it."