'Teen Mom' Spinoff Cuts Cast Member

More information about the Teen Mom spinoff is being revealed, including which cast members received an invite to the crossover retreat series and who did not. Those who were left off the invitation list are not happy about it. The Ashley reports that several fan favorites are participating in the series, including Briana DeJesus, Ashley Jones, Kayla Sessler, Jade Cline, and a few of the OG's. But Young and Pregnant star Rachel Beaver's invitation was reportedly rescinded. 

Sources tell the popular blog that Beaver was nixed at the last minute by production. She's not the only star from her franchise who is not making an appearance. "Rachel was called and invited when the other [Young and Pregnant'] girls were invited," a source says. "She was all set to go, but then [the producers] heard from MTV legal and were told they had to cut Rachel from the cast because she's not 21. So they kind of just ghosted her for a while before finally telling her she was uninvited."

Being left out is not sitting well with Beaver. "She told [the producer who informed her she was being uninvited] that she had already arranged for a babysitter for her daughter, had purchased the stuff [the producers] instructed her to buy for the trip and that she was really upset," the source added. Beaver feels she's being excluded because she's not legally able to drink, but sources allege, producers told her otherwise. "The way they described the show to her, drinking wasn't even mentioned and it was supposed to be more of a therapeutic-type thing so she didn't even think drinking would be involved."

The leak about Beaver being uninvited comes just days after news leaked that DeJesus, her sister Brittney, Cline, and Jones got into an altercation during day one of filming. The DeJesus sisters were reportedly moved to another location to calm down, leaving their mother Roxanne pissed and airing out MTV producers on an Instagram live.

According to the original report exclusively breaking the news about the spinoff, the cast is filming at a retreat in San Diego, California. "The producers are hoping that, by putting girls who never work together in the same setting, it will be interesting," a source told The Ashley. "They are thinking the girls will do 'healing exercises' together like sound therapy, etc., and maybe group therapy." The new spinoff is intended to revive the series' declining ratings.