'Teen Mom OG' Star Catelynn Lowell Reveals Cryptic Post About Judgement

Catelynn Lowell is back with another cryptic post on Instagram. After sharing a post earlier in the month that left fans wondering what exactly was going on with the Teen Mom star, Lowell has her followers curious once again. She uploaded an image of a silhouette holding an umbrella with a dark sky in the background. On it were the words, "Judge me when you are perfect."

The post's significance remains in question, and with Lowell, who has dealt with mental health issues and even checked into treatment for her mental health, limiting comments, there's not much more to surmise from the message.

Earlier in the month, she shared another cryptic quote about healing.

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"Sending love to everyone who is trying their best to heal from the things they do not discuss," the quote Lowell shared reads, to which she added an eye roll emoji and the caption, "Do you feel this? Because I feel this!!! #keeppushingforward #itdoesntlastforever."

Lowell has been in a highly-criticized relationship with Tyler Baltierra, which was among the main storylines on Teen Mom OG. The past few years have seem more ups and downs than a rollercoaster, leaving many fans to give their two cents on the couple's relationship.

She recently commented on the continued commentary from the viewers with another Instagram post.

"I'm sick of people talking about EVERYTHING I post and talk about and do. Its my page and I can do what I want," Lowell wrote in the caption of a photo from the Teen Mom reunion. "And that being said… here's the truth about Tyler and I. So you all have your answers."

The post, which has since been removed, also marked the first time Lowell turned the comments off on her page.

While her relationship has often been under a negative light from viewers of the show, her and Baltierra have welcomed three children into the world with daughters Novalee, 4, and Vaeda, 7, and placed 10-year-old daughter Carly for adoption in 2009.

In October, there were rumors circulating that the two were expecting baby No. 4. That was quickly shut down by Lowell in an interview with Us Weekly.


"I am not pregnant and we are using birth control," she quipped, adding that, "But when we do decide to have another child, we are hoping for a boy. If we are meant to have all girls, then that's just fine too!"