'Teen Mom' Mackenzie McKee's Mom Hospitalized Amid Cancer Battle

Mackenzie McKee's mother, Angie Douthit, was hospitalized after a scary turn in her cancer battle, the Teen Mom personality revealed on Instagram Thursday beside a photo of herself in the hospital bed. Having been open about her cancer journey and treatment since January 2018, Douthit let her followers in on the "interesting day" she had experienced.

"Today was an interesting day," she began. "I woke up to get ready for work but I couldn't really walk and I found myself throwing up. So I took a bath, layed (sic) back down, and called my boss to tell them I'd be late. The next thing I know I'm waking up trying to find my phone."

"I called my Dr who said to get to ER quicky," she continued. "I called Brad to come and get me, since I couldn't walk and I saw 2 or 3 of everything."

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After running "several tests," Douthit revealed doctors were concerned about her liver, gall bladder, hip bone and brain and were keeping her overnight after medicating her. That wasn't keeping the MTV personality from looking at things through a positive lens.

"But it's ok. God already knew it was going to happen and He already knew that I was going to desperately need Him today," she wrote. "I've had to close my eyes all day because everything was double and wavy. By keeping my eyes closed I spent the day praying and listening."

She closed with a piece of advice for all her followers, regardless of their circumstances: "Whatever you are going through today, try your best to listen to God," she wrote. "Give Him all your fears, all your sicknesses, and all your worries. Let your trials produce perseverance in you and make you complete."

Douthit had plenty of people wishing her well in the comments.

"Sending love and prayers to you and the family," wrote one follower.


"Very scary, I'm praying for you," another added, as yet another echoed the sentiment, "Get some well needed and deserved rest! You are in our thoughts and prayers. Tomorrow will be a better day."

Photo credit: MTV