'Teen Mom': Mackenzie McKee Makes Major Decision About Florida Move

On Tuesday night's episode of Teen Mom OG, fans not only got to see an update about Mackenzie McKee's father, Brad Douthit, following his open-heart surgery, but they also saw the reality star make a major decision about her move to Florida. McKee planned to move to Florida for a job opportunity with her three kids, leaving her estranged husband, Josh McKee, behind in Oklahoma. But, after Josh expressed how he'd like to move with them, McKee had to make a decision about the couple's future and, subsequently, her relocation to Florida.

The episode began with McKee explaining that she delayed her trip to Florida to be around for her father following his surgery. She noted that he was kept in the hospital "longer than expected" due to some "complications." The mom-of-three then explained to her sister, Whitney, that she and Josh actually visited her father in the hospital. During their visit, Josh told her that he was interested in moving with his estranged wife and their three kids to Florida. Although, McKee was unsure about this, as she said that she was concerned whether he was taken aback by how "bold" she was about moving to another state on her own with the kids. She told her sister that she would be moving in a matter of days and that on the day that she plans to move, Josh had a hunting trip planned.

Later on in the episode, McKee spoke to Josh over the phone about the upcoming move. They proceeded to argue about the topic in question. McKee asked Josh directly whether he wanted to be married to her, to which he replied, "I do and I don't." He also said that he wouldn't want to be "stuck" with her in Florida and referred to her as a "b—," which, understandably, didn't sit right with McKee. Ultimately, McKee put her foot down and told Josh that she and the kids would be moving to Florida without him.


In a subsequent scene, she tells Whitney that she wouldn't want to move with him if he will behave that way towards her. But, she didn't rule out him moving to live with them in Florida sometime in the future. At the end of the episode, McKee, along with her three children — Gannon, Jaxie, and Broncs — packed up their belongings in order to travel down to Florida. Of course, before they did set out on their drive, they were able to say goodbye to her father and the rest of her family, who gathered to see them off.