'Teen Mom' Dad Gary Shirley Undergoes Surprise Surgery

Teen Mom star Gary Shirley opened up to fans recently about the surgery that he underwent. On [...]

Teen Mom star Gary Shirley opened up to fans recently about the surgery that he underwent. On Instagram, the reality star posted a slightly graphic photo of himself after undergoing nose surgery. In his caption that he posted alongside the image, Shirley paid tribute to his wife, Kristina Shirley, for taking care of him during this time.

Shirley posted a photo of himself wearing a bandage around his nose post-surgery. The image may be a bit much to handle for those who are uncomfortable about blood, as the photo showcases the "bloody massacre" that the Teen Mom star is dealing with at the moment. In his post, he noted that he had the surgery to fix a sinus issue. Shirley wrote, "Nose surgery, bloody massacre! Going to be a rough couple days-week! End results hopefully less sinus infections. And breathe better." The reality went on to specifically thank his wife for supporting him and acting as his "rock" as he recovers from surgery. He added, "Also a lot of people know how great @kristina_shirley3 is, however it's even better than you know. She's is my rock and takes care of me when I'm sick, surgery, or other! She really is an amazing woman. And everyone if my family is better for it. I can clearly say my woman loves me. Thank you sweetheart. The Lord gave me a good one."

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Shirley, who shares 11-year-old daughter Leah with his ex Amber Portwood, isn't the only member of the family who has dealt with a serious ordeal lately. In late June, he took to Instagram to reveal that his five-year-old daughter Emilee had a "very scary" accident right before they were about to head out on vacation. He posted a photo of a deep gash above his daughter's eye both before and after they took a trip to the hospital for stitches. The snap came alongside a message from Shirley in which he noted that his daughter experienced the injury at the airport.

"Best start to a vacation," he wrote sarcastically. "Happened at the airport! Hit her head on a chair! She's good to go now. But was very scary!" The reality star's fans quickly flocked to the comments section to wish the 5-year-old well following the incident. One fan wrote, "Aww bless her. Hope she is feeling better soon and makes a quick recovery," while another person commented, "So scary when our kiddies hurt themselves."