'Teen Mom' Dad Drew Brooks Arrested for Attempted Murder

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant star Rachel Beaver's on-again, off-again boyfriend Drew Brooks continues to find himself in legal trouble. InTouch Weekly reported that Brooks was most recently arrested and later released from jail after charges of unlawful carrying or possession of a weapon against him were dropped. However, it wasn't before long that he found himself in jail again. This time, Brooks was arrested for attempted murder. 

It was originally reported that Brooks was arrested in Madisonville, Tennessee on March 3. At the time, an officer reportedly conducted a vehicle search on his car, which was parked in a Walmart parking lot. During the search, the officer discovered a firearm that was inside a black ski mask that was inside of a Subway bag. After being detained, Brooks was taken to Monroe County Justice Center. 

InTouch Weekly reported that Brooks was released on March 29. The charge against him of carrying or possession of a weapon was dropped due to a lack of witnesses. While that charge was dropped, Brooks would go on to face even more legal trouble only a week after he was released. According to Us Weekly, Brooks was arrested for attempted murder and taken into custody at Monroe County Sheriff's Office on Wednesday. Brooks is currently being held without bond in advance of an April 18 court hearing. Law and Crime reported that he was arrested for allegedly stabbing someone, with the alleged victim telling authorities that he was stabbed in the "lower left stomach area." It's unclear what led to the incident. 

Brooks has been involved in a great deal of legal trouble over the years. He was arrested in September 2018 for theft of property. The Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant star was later arrested again in April 2020 for violating the terms of his parole. In addition to violating his parole, Brooks was also charged with criminal impersonation and two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. He was released two months after his arrest. 


Brooks has made appearances on Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant ever since Beaver, with whom he shares daughter Hazelee, joined the program in 2019. During a recent episode of the series, Beaver even addressed Brooks' run-ins with the law. She told viewers, "This isn't the first time that he's attempted to straighten up his life and now that Hazelee's getting older, I don't want her to get hurt if he keeps getting in trouble and isn't around. She doesn't need to be calling him 'Dad' right off the bat [if he comes over to the house] because she doesn't know who he is."