'Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant': Rachel Beaver Looking for 'Fresh, New Start' With Her Mom (Exclusive)

Rachel Beaver is looking for a "fresh, new" start with mom Stephanie after an explosive season. Ahead of Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant's season finale Tuesday, the MTV star opened up to PopCulture.com about where she and her mom stand today after their explosive fight in last week's episode. 

Rachel and her mom have improved their relationship "a lot" recently, the reality personality revealed, and things have gotten a lot less intense after she moved out of Stephanie's house. "Getting out of mom's house helped a lot, because it was toxic there," she told PopCulture. "I think that me and my mom just can't live in the same house – it's too hectic. If one of us pops off, we both pop off."

Stephanie is a "great grandmother" to Rachel's 2-year-old daughter Hazelee, "just not a great mother," she continued, alleging that her mom acts differently when cameras come around than when she's not being filmed. Rachel claimed her mom treated her like a "best friend" and "enabl[ed] all [her] bad decisions" throughout her adolescence but now wants to act more like her mother on the MTV show.

"I can also recognize that the way I talk to my mother is not OK," she continued. "I can take full accountability." A turning point for Rachel was thinking about Hazelee eventually speaking to her that way, which helped her get a new perspective on the relationship she has with her mom. That, combined with treatment Rachel is getting for her hypothyroidism and bipolar disorder diagnosis, has changed a lot in her life. "We have a fresh, new start," the MTV star shared. 

It's been a tough season for Rachel, who was nervous about Hazelee's father, Drew Brooks, potentially being released from jail. While Brooks wasn't ultimately released during filming, Rachel told PopCulture she would rather he stay away from her and her daughter if he continues with the erratic behavior she said she's witnessed. "It's just heartbreaking to think that Hazelee might not have a dad that cares, or a dad at all, because the path he's going on, he might end up dead," she shared. 


Growing up without her father, who signed away paternal rights when she was 5 years old, Rachel said she doesn't "have any feelings about that," and hopes Brooks' absence will be similarly understood by Hazelee. "I think her household is so full of love nowadays I think she'll understand," she said, Don't miss the season finale of Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant, airing Tuesday, Nov. 23 at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.