'Teen Mom: The Next Chapter': Catelynn Lowell Hospitalized After Surgery Complication

Teen Mom star Catelynn Lowell landed back in the hospital recently after experiencing some scary complications from undergoing surgery. The latest episode of the network's Teen Mom: The Next Chapter documented Lowell's health struggle with a paraurethral cyst, which required surgery to remove and a lengthy recovery period that was anything but easy for the mom of four.

Tuesday's episode opened with Lowell hesitant to undergo the procedure to remove the cyst, which she said would flare up and go back down. The surgery would require Lowell to be on bedrest for 10 days with a urinary catheter, and she feared being a burden to her husband, Tyler Baltierra, who would have to take on sole parenting duties and work around the house. However, after some comforting words from her husband, who assured her that he was more than willing to take on the extra load work, Lowell finally decided to have the procedure.

Although the surgery went fine, Lowell, unfortunately, suffered some complications throughout the recovery period which resulted in a return trip to the hospital. After returning home and while on bedrest, the Teen Mom star experienced complications with her catheter, which resulted in a trip back to the hospital to correct the complications. Unfortunately for Lowell, things didn't get better. After receiving a second catheter, that catheter also malfunctioned, leaving Lowell in an even more vulnerable state as she continued her week-long recovery.

Despite the complications, Balteirra was at Lowell's side throughout the ordeal and had no complaints when it came to taking care of his wife and their children. During an earlier conversation, Balteirra told Lowell that "no one chooses to be helpless" and she was "in a situation that you can't control." He went on to share, "now you need help. You know what I'm saying," before quipping, "I'll tell you what, I wouldn't feel bad if I had to get d- cut open. I'm like 'Girl, I'm sorry, I had to get my d- cut open. I'm serious, have fun with the kids all day.' Give yourself a little bit of slack, girl."


Thankfully, it seems Lowell has since made a full recovery since the episode was filmed. In recent weeks, the Teen Mom star has been active on social media, showing off adorable pictures of her children and documenting her day-to-day life. Fans can catch more glimpses into Lowell's life when new episodes of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter air Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.