'Teen Mom' Briana DeJesus Concerned Over Coronavirus Testing in Florida, Asks Fans for Help

The coronavirus pandemic has created quite the stir across the world. In the states, many rulings [...]

The coronavirus pandemic has created quite the stir across the world. In the states, many rulings have come down from the federal level as well as at the state and local departments in regards to shelter in place orders and advisories to stay at home.

One state that has found itself in the spotlight is Florida. The sunshine state was at the center of controversy after a CBS News video showed spring breakers flocking to the beaches despite the spread of COVID-19. There was also a press conference from Gov. Ron DeSantis, in which he addressed the situation, explaining that it's safe for a mother to walk down the beach with her daughter as opposed to someone "doing a jello shot off somebody's stomach." The state's premiere theme park, Walt Disney World, also recently announced they'd be closed indefinitely.

With the state dealing with much attention in the national spotlight and an increasing amount of positive cases, one resident and Teen Mom 2 star, Briana DeJesus, is feeling a bit concerned. She asked on Twitter where she could find a testing facility in the Orlando area. She didn't add any reason to why she was looking.

Her question drew a good amount of responses from other Florida residents. A handful of them let her know that in order to receive a test in Florida, she would need a doctor's prescription. Another response informed her that along with a prescription, those who are being seen are healthcare workers and individuals over the age of 65.

"Good luck getting tested. My mom tried (in CA) and we were told there's not enough tests," a third tweet read.

Over on her Instagram, DeJesus held a little Q&A for her followers. One of the questions she was asked was what her plan is after the quarantine ends. To that she replied that she is going on "vacation" after all of this wraps up.

Prior to the coronavirus outbreak, DeJesus was asking her followers earlier in the month if it would be alright for her to drop off her two daughters at one of her exes house while they were on spring break. It doesn't appear she ended up following through with the plan as she was seen later sharing a photo of all three at the beach together.