'Teen Mom': Amber Portwood Takes Big Step in Repairing Relationship With Ex Gary Shirley and His Wife Kristina

The tricky situation between Amber Portwood and her ex, Gary Shirley, continued to play out on Tuesday's episode of Teen Mom OG. Although, the exes seemed to be in agreement when it came to the future of their relationship, as they both acknowledged that they wanted things to be "positive" between them. They even took a significant step forward in their relationship as Portwood, Shirley, and his wife, Kristina, all sat down to discuss co-parenting Leah

The episode began with Portwood explaining that she wants to have a chat with Shirley and Kristina about where they stand. As fans will recall, things haven't exactly been smooth sailing for this trio. Over the past year, Portwood has made numerous inflammatory statements about Kristina and Shirley both on social and on Teen Mom. Earlier this year, she took to social media to call Kristina a "w—" and a "homewrecker."

Since then, the 16 and Pregnant alum has attempted to make amends with her ex's wife. Later on in the episode, when the three stars did sit down to chat, Portwood did accept responsibility for her part in the drama. She acknowledged that her "mouth" has gotten her in trouble in reference to some of the things that she has said about both Kristina and Shirley. While the trio sat down to discuss their own drama, the main topic of the conversation was Portwood and Shirley's daughter Leah. Portwood pushed for them to create a schedule so that she would know when she could see her daughter. She also wanted to have a schedule put in place so that Leah and her son James, whom she shares with her ex, Andrew Glennon, could spend time together. 


Even though Portwood has been making strides in repairing her relationship with her daughter, Shirley said that he didn't think it was the right time to introduce a set schedule. However, he was in agreement that Leah should be spending more time with her mother and brother. During a conversation that he had with Kristina after their sitdown, he even said that he wants Leah to be able to trust her mother as well as have a relationship with her. In her own reflection about the meeting, Portwood told a producer that Shirley wasn't "that nice" but that it was overall a positive discussion. She also said that she accepts that Leah needs more time to come around to having a relationship with her. Disclosure: PopCulture is owned by ViacomCBS Streaming, a division of ViacomCBS.