'Teen Mom 2' Preview: Briana DeJesus' Ex Luis Hernandez Drops the Ball While Her New Man Steps Up

This week's episode of Teen Mom 2 will apparently feature a lot of praise for Briana DeJesus' new boyfriend, John Rodriguez, especially in comparison to her ex, Luis Hernandez. It has been a long road for DeJesus, and she has walked much of it on her own. However, it looks like she has finally found a partner who can step up and help her in a real way.

The preview for this week's episode finds Briana preparing for her daughter Stella's birthday party. As she explains in voice over, she rented a house for the celebration. Right from the start, Rodriguez is by her side, helping with the set up.

In the clip, Rodriguez is sweet as he plays with both Stella and Nova, DeJesus' daughters. DeJesus gets a chance to talk up her new man when her friend, Shirley, shows up to help. In a sequestered bedroom, the two have a heart-to-heart, where they talk about DeJesus' relationship.

"He's been helping out a lot. Like, a lot, a lot."

Shirley jokes that Rodriguez is doing more than Hernandez did at the previous year's party. The scene then cuts back to Hernandez standing on a kitchen chair, holding a pinata at arm's length while the children swing at it.

The bar may be low, but it sounds like John has cleared it and then some. DeJesus notes that he already seems to have the approval of one of the toughest critics in her whole life.

"My mom hasn't said not one bad thing about John," she notes.

With all this good news, Shirley notes that the only thing left is for DeJesus and Rodriguez to move in together. The reality star says that that is on the horizon, but it cannot come fast enough.

"He said he's going to try to move down here within the next year," she says. "But I want a 'yes, okay, I'm taking the next flight out here and I'm bringing all my bags. That's how I feel."

Still, DeJesus seems content with baby steps in the episode, at least for now.

"He's here. He made the effort to come here..." she tells Shirley, trying not to get impatient.


Sadly, it looks like things did not ultimately work out between DeJesus and Rodriguez. The two split up back in August, after this episode was filmed. However, they should not spoil the ride for those fans that want to follow along with the reality TV drama.

Teen Mom 2 airs on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.