'Teen Mom 2' Star Kailyn Lowry Epically Shuts Down Mommy Shamer

Kailyn Lowry isn't here for your comments on her mothering. The Teen Mom 2 star clapped back at an internet troll who insulted her 1-year-old son Tuesday.

On Twitter, a follower of the Teen Mom 2 star responded to a tweet about her youngest child's teething with, "Cut his hair he looks like a girl !!!"

Lowry, however, has never been one to shy away from taking on the haters, retweeting the comment and adding, "I don't tell people to tape your mouth shut cause you're ignorant. Don't tell me what to do with my children."

The MTV personality has been criticized for allowing her baby's hair to grow in the past, with a Twitter follower telling her in March to cut her son's locks, "Unless your goal is to make him look like a girl."

"I'll cut it when he tells me he wants to cut it," Lowry responded at the time. "But you can mind your own business lil momma."

The 26-year-old is known for her pointed jabs at people who come for her on the internet, getting into it regularly with Teen Mom 2 co-star Briana DeJesus over the last year. The Teen Mom 3 alum started dating Lowry's ex-husband Javi Marroquin in October, and much of last season's drama focused on the bad blood between the two women over things that were said online.

During the filming of the season's reunion, things even turned physical when the two women were put in the same location.

"Why don't you tell me why you felt so comfortable commenting what you commented on Instagram?" Lowry asked DeJesus in a conversation that occurred behind closed doors, but was captioned on audio.

"This isn't about Javi anymore, this isn't about the show," Lowry continued. "I want to know why you felt you were comfortable enough to say some s— about my kids and about Chris. You don't want me talking about your kids, you don't want me talking about your mom."

"But you do it anyways!" DeJesus cut in. "Relax!"

Despite refusing to fight in private, the mother-of-two quickly got her game face on when there was an audience, jumping at Lowry on stage at the reunion.

"All that s— you were talking, what the f— b—," she yelled. "I'll fight you."

As the other women fled the stage, security struggled to keep the two castmates apart, with Lowry slamming DeJesus for waiting until there were cameras going to stick up for herself.

"She wouldn't do that s— in the room when it was just me and her," Lowry said. "Now, everyone's here, you want to act all tough."


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Photo credit: Instagram/Kailyn Lowry