'Teen Mom 2' Alum Jenelle Evans Skirts Around Speculation She's Returning to the Show

Former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans posted a 25-minute video on YouTube late Friday, tackling various questions she received from her Instagram followers. Although she did pick questions about her possible return to the MTV series, she never offered a definitive answer. There has been speculation she would try to return since she announced plans to divorce David Eason in October 2019.

The question came up multiple times during the Q&A, even after Evans made it clear she could not say yes or no. After she was asked the first time, she pretended to a drum roll before she simply said, "I don't know."

"Honestly, I have no idea," she added. "So, sorry."

When the question came up again, a fan also asked if there was a chance she would star in her own show.

"Right now, like I said, everything's up in the air," Evans said. "I have no idea about Teen Mom. I have no idea about my own show, but I know that I've been in talks with certain people here and there. Not saying it's MTV, not saying who it is, but we'll see if something works out in the future. I don't know."

Evans was faced with the same question later on, but offered almost the same response.

Elsewhere in the video, Evans explained her living situation. She is living apart from Eason now, but would not say specifically where.

"Yes, we are living separately," she explained. "David lives at the old house in North Carolina, and I live in Tennessee. So, I live in Nashville. The outskirts of Nashville, not telling you where, because you guys, you know, be little detectives."

Evans also said she was not loving with her mother, who still lives in North Carolina and her mom has no plans to move to Tennessee.

"I have my own apartment, and I still have the old house, so I just stay here in Tennessee for now," Evans later told fans. "I have plans for my future, and there's more business opportunities here, so that's one of the main reasons why I came here. It wasn't because of another guy, it was to get away, clear my head and to do more business opportunities."

Evans also denied rumors she was back with ex Nathan Griffith, the father of her son Kaiser. She also slammed rumors she was back with Eason. Those rumors started when they were seen a together in Nashville a few days ago.

"I was in downtown Nashville taking pictures with my photographer and David was in town for the court date," she explained. "So then he has to see Ensley and while I was taking pictures. We had lunch and then he went home. That's it."


On Oct. 31, Evans said she was filing for divorce from Eason, six months after he shot and killed their dog Nugget. MTV fired Evans over that incident in May 2019.

Photo credit: Getty Images