'Teen Mom 2' Alum Jenelle Evans Reveals Why She Gave Husband David Eason a 'Second Chance'

Jenelle Evans is opening up about her decision to reunite with husband David Eason after the Teen Mom 2 alum announced she was leaving her husband in October. In a new interview with InTouch Weekly, Evans said she and her husband have implemented new strategies in their relationship to keep from getting to such a bad place once again.

"I was very unhappy," the MTV personality explained of her decision to leave Eason, moving with 5-year-old son Kaiser and 2-year-old daughter Ensley to Nashville, Tennessee. “We didn’t get along and we were always mean [and] angry towards each other. We called each other names and never wanted to spend time together."

Reaching out to Eason after she had left him, Evans said, "I told him if we were to ever work out our marriage a lot of things would have to change. ...We discussed how things went wrong and talked about preventing an argument before it blows up into something more."

In the end, Evans said she reached out to her ex because she realized "[they] got married for a reason" and had history together as a couple, telling the outlet, "We invested so much into the relationship,."

"David was there for me through everything that happened, good or bad, and was my best friend," she continued. "I just couldn’t imagine my life without him. I felt like I gave up on him, but he never gave up on me."

Now, the couple is working on "discussing issues before they blow up," Evans continued, as well as "setting boundaries like no cussing, name calling, and lower our tone of voices. And listening to the other person when they ask for help."

Despite speculation that Evans' and Eason's split was faked as she tried to get her job back on Teen Mom 2 after Eason's admission that he killed their pet French bulldog ended her time on the reality show, the former MTV star says their separation "was 100 percent real and not faked at all."


“I am glad I took some time away from home to clear my head to know what I truly wanted,” she added.

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