'Teen Mom 2' Fans Flip on Jenelle Evans for Photo of Gun-Toting Son

Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans intended to post a cute snapshot of father-son bonding earlier this week, but drew the ire of fans once again after commenters took issue with the gun in her 8-year-old son's hand in the photo.

"Thank you so much babe for being there for Jace," she captioned a picture of hubby David Eason helping Jace with a BB gun. "When all the dads were helping out their kids, @easondavid88 stepped right in. Wish I knew what I was doing when it comes to BB guns. This weekend was a blast!"

The proximity of the young boy to a gun, albeit a BB gun, raised some eyebrows among the commenters.

"Sure, give an emotionally insecure child a weapon. That will end well," one person commented.

"I know in other states and parts of this country (people) love guns and hunting but you really shouldn't introduce them to little boys," another said. "Sorry I love you but just saying."

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Many commenters focused more on Eason, who many fans believe is abusive towards his wife and her children after being shown grabbing his stepson Kaiser and dragging him by his arm in a recent Teen Mom 2 episode.

"At least I'm happy Jace will be able to protect himself. From your husband," a fan commented.

In a similar vein, another chimed in, "Good idea. Jace may need to know how to defend himself and Kasier from David."

Many fans didn't see a problem with letting the boy learn how to shoot a BB gun and stepped in to defend the 25-year-old mother, saying she just lives a more country lifestyle than her critics.

"I've been shooting guns and hunting since I was his age," one person said. "Turned out just fine. Just bc it's not your way of life doesn't mean you get to judge others."


"My husband was in the military so I'm used to being around guns," another commented. "You shouldn't be so judgmental of others' lifestyles."

Teen Mom 2 airs Mondays at 8 p.m on MTV.