'Teen Mom 2' Star Hits Back at Criticism Over Salacious Photos on Social Media

Teen Mom 2 star Jade Cline has had enough of people criticizing her for sharing skin-baring photos on Instagram. The 25-year-old reminded her followers that she is an adult and can decide what to share on her own. Cline is a former Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant star who joined Teen Mom 2 in 2019 after Jenelle Eason left the series.

"I show some cleavage and the whole internet loses their minds. Lol, I'm 25," Cline wrote in an Instagram Stories post on Thursday, reports InTouch Weekly. "I'm a grown adult. No mother is a disappointment to their child because they have cleavage showing. You people are some damn weirdos." Cline went on to shout-out "the hot mamas out there always showing love and having self love. More hot girl pics coming soon."

Cline's comments came after she posted a photo of herself wearing a low-cut dress on Wednesday. The post was filled with negative comments, although many of the more recent messages have been supportive. Even fellow Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus was in Cline's corner. "You fine fine... and only if they knew this was a bathing suit set," DeJesus wrote. "LOL... love youuu," Cline replied.

This is hardly the first time Cline had to defend herself against haters. Earlier this year, she decided to get a Brazilian butt lift, as seen on Teen Mom 2's most recent season. She told fans she had other cosmetic surgeries, but never any breast implants. "No [breast] implants, just some fat transferred. Didn't really get them bigger, just more filled out. I'm still the same cup size, just fuller," she wrote at the time. She also told fans in May she would rather be honest about her plastic surgery, noting that the only thing that matters to her is "I'm happy and healthy."

Cline's surgery came with more drama than just a few negative comments online. As seen on the show, Cline's mother Christy and stepfather were absent for over three hours after the surgery, supposedly getting Cline's medication. While they were gone, Cline's boyfriend Sean and DeJesus called an ambulance. Christy did finally arrive with the medication, but Cline has only spoken to her mother once since the surgery and they didn't even sit together during the Teen Mom 2 reunion in August.


During the reunion, Cline said she didn't have any plans to patch up her relationship with Christy. "I thought my mom was gonna let me lay there and die and no one was gonna know," Cline said, adding that the situation was "scary" and "heart-wrenching." Christy watched backstage and later told Dr. Drew Pinksy she didn't want viewers to think she abandoned her daughter.