'Teen Mom 2': Jade Cline and Mom Recount 'Scary' Plastic Surgery Ordeal

The second part of the Teen Mom 2 reunion proved to be even more dramatic than the first. That was in large part because of the strife between Jade Cline and her mother, Christy, over the stressful situation that went down when the reality star got a Brazilian butt lift (BBL) plastic surgery makeover in Miami. Even though Cline and Christy didn't share the stage together during the reunion, the pair still shared their feelings about the situation.

The segment began with Cline giving her thoughts about the matter. As viewers will recall, after Cline's surgery was complete, her mother and stepfather went out to get her medications. However, when they were absent for around three hours while going to retrieve the medication, Cline's on-again, off-again boyfriend, Sean, and her Teen Mom 2 co-star Briana DeJesus decided to call an ambulance. While Christy did end up arriving with the medication, Cline was disappointed over how her mother handled the whole situation. As a result, she has only seen her mom one time since the surgery took place.

Cline said that she has no immediate plans to reach out to her mother, who was there for the reunion but wasn't on the stage at the same time as her daughter. The reality star even said about the Miami drama, "I thought my mom was gonna let me lay there and die and no one was gonna know." She also called the situation "scary" and "heart-wrenching." While Cline was sharing her thoughts on the matter, and getting emotional while doing so, Christy could be seen watching from backstage. Christy was growing visibly frustrated with her portrayal and, at one point while Cline was speaking, she said, "I'm sick of being portrayed like I'm some kind of dope fiend." Even though Cline did not want to share the same stage as her mother, she did agree to watch from backstage when Christy did join the stage to give her own thoughts.

Christy began by saying, "I so regret doing this," in reference to filming Teen Mom 2. She went on to give her account of what happened. At first, she claimed that she was unable to retrieve Cline's prescription while she was in surgery because they didn't give it to her. But, she then said that she didn't remember how it went down. Christy went on to say that she is sorry for the way her daughter feels about the situation. But, she doesn't want viewers to think that she abandoned her. When reunion co-host Dr. Drew Pinsky said that this is exactly what happened, she said that she felt attacked.


After Christy exited the stage, Pinsky went to Cline to get her take on what her mother said. She said that she took issue with how her mother apologized, as she didn't apologize for what she did. Instead, she apologized for how Cline feels about the whole ordeal. The reality star also felt that some of her mother's comments were manipulative. In the end, Cline said that she does love her mother, but she can't be in her life right now because it isn't healthy for her. Disclosure: PopCulture is owned by ViacomCBS Streaming, a division of ViacomCBS.