'Teen Mom 2' Alum David Eason Returns to Instagram Following Reported Run-In With Secret Service

Former Teen Mom 2 star David Eason is back on social media, updating fans on his alleged run-in with the Secret Service.

Eason got back online on Saturday with a brand new Instagram handle, announcing that he was back for good. The reality TV star has had his fair share of controversies in recent memory, and now claims that the site has simply locked him out of his old account. Eason's wife, Jenelle Evans directed her followers to his new page.

"Guess who's back on IG? Follow at… @bigolhonky," Evans wrote with some celebratory emojis.

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Not sure if it's even legal for them to do that. My other account hasn't worked since December 2018...

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Eason kicked off his new start on Instagram with four posts on Saturday, and quite a few clips on his Instagram Story, including one photo of his son aiming a rifle. He also posted a video of himself explaining that he believed Instagram had intentionally locked him out of his old account.

"And just [to] kind of fill you guys in on what's going on here. My other account still works, but not for me," Eason said. "It's there, it exists, it's still on Instagram, but for some reason, Instagram has blocked me from using it. Would you believe that s—? Best believe it, Instagram will do that to you. They will block your account [to] where it's still there, but you can't use it."

"So that's what's going on here, you guys," he went on. "My other account is still there, it still obviously works for everyone except for me. It just goes to a blank white screen, it's like, 'Oops, sorry! There's a problem!' Obviously, there is a f—ing problem."

"Not sure if it's even legal for them to do that. My other account hasn't worked since December 2018," Eason added in the caption.

Eason's old account remains online, with all of his posts intact and accessible. Many fans correlated his sudden loss of access with his alleged visit from the Secret Service. In December, Eason told his followers that government agents approached him about an Instagram post that was perceived as a threat. He first referred to them as the SBI before clarifying that he meant the Secret Service.

Eason believed the visit stemmed from a video he had posted on Nov. 29. It featured him firing a rifle, and included some suggestive hashtags in the caption.

"They will say I've gone off the deep end just wait for it! #bangbangbang #bumpfire #bumpthis #nancypelosi #trump #maga," he wrote. The Secret Service apparently took this as a threat against President Donald Trump.


While Eason and Evans are back on good terms for now, the reality TV dad is still banned from filming Teen Mom 2. The show goes on without him on Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.