'Teen Mom 2': Briana DeJesus Leaks Texts From Her Exes After They Let Down Her Daughters

Briana DeJesus aired out some dirty laundry in a series of posts to her Instagram Story in which she exposed the fathers, Luis Hernandez and Devoin Austin, of her two children, Stella and Nova. The Teen Mom 2 star has openly called both men out before on social media for various reasons, most of which having to do with what she calls a lack of interest in being a father to their respective daughters. The drama was also on full display during the past season that just wrapped up earlier this month as DeJesus called for both men to step up to the plate and provide more financial support.

The first screenshot DeJesus shared was a message she sent to Austin after he forgot to pick up their nine-year-old daughter, Nova, from her gymnastics. She later posted a transcription of the voicemail she received from the gym, notifying her that no one came to pick up her daughter. DeJesus said Nova came in crying about the ordeal. "How dare [you] forget her," she wrote in the text. "But honestly, it is what it is. You are showing her [your] true colors." Austin countered by saying that Nova had already texted him and said she was looking forward to coming over later in the week, refuting her claim that Nova was mad at him, to which DeJesus said it's because she doesn't want to hurt his feelings. "She shouldn't have to worry about hurting [your] feelings or thinking that way," she responded.

After blasting Austin in her Instagram Story, DeJesus then turned her attention to a similar situation going on with Hernandez regarding their three-year-old daughter, Stella. Sharing a scrolling clip of their text messages, Hernandez had apparently made plans to stop by and visit them at a bounce house until he texted back hours later that he had fallen asleep. He then wrote a lengthy response saying he doesn't want to make any excuses like he had in the past and wants to be a more present father figure in her life, to which DeJesus wasn't buying it. "I'm really thinking of just getting sole custody and putting [you] and Devoin on child support and move on with our life." She then shared another incident seemingly a few days later in which Hernandez once again missed out on a scheduled visit with Stella.


Teen Mom 2 will return for its 11th season but will be without one of its originals, Chelsea Houska. During the last season, she revealed that she would be leaving for good after the reunion and focusing on her next chapter.