'Teen Mom 2': Briana DeJesus Dishes on New Man Who's 'Not Fully Available'

In a clip shared by MTV ahead of Tuesday night’s Teen Mom 2 episode, it appears that Briana DeJesus may have a new man in her life. At her townhome in Orlando, DeJesus welcomes her friend, Shirley, to talk about the new developments in her life.

Before getting into her new man, she informed her friend that she sat both of her exes — Luis Hernandez and Devoin Austin and the two fathers of her children down to go over how they need to pay financially to help support her in raising her two kids. DeJesus called it a “very positive” meeting. The terms that she laid out for the two baby daddies were $250 per month for each man to owe, believing that that will be enough to support the children. Some of this drama has also aired on her social media accounts, even recently as she has engaged in both of her exes.

As for her new man, she tells the cameras that she first posted about her “new bae” on Twitter, writing in that post that she wants to “keep this to myself” but that it ultimately made her life more complicated than she expected. At a carnival with her two kids and mother, DeJesus insists she wants to keep a secret, though her friend said it’s not anymore since she posted about it. “The person is secret,” DeJesus counters, noting that it’s because he “isn’t fully available” and doesn’t foresee this “going anywhere.” She continued, “We’re just having a good time. He’s not going to be involved in my personal life or with my kids.” When asked if this mystery man makes her happy, the 26-year-old nodded her head and said that he does.

All of this comes as DeJesus finds herself currently in some drama. Aside from trying to get her two exes to be more involved in their child’s lives and helping to support financially, DeJesus may be in some legal trouble. The Sky reported that the Teen Mom 2 star has yet to pay upwards of $5,000 in outstanding construction fees after purchasing her new home in Florida.

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