Briana DeJesus Seemingly Quits 'Teen Mom 2' in Series of Heated Tweets

Teen Mom 2 might be moving on from one of its mothers. Briana DeJesus put the show and MTV on blast on Tuesday with a series of tweets calling out the network for alleged mistreatment.

Her Twitter feed didn't hold back in taking shots, "Lol f— MTV." She criticized the network picking "what matters and what doesn't matter" in the narrative on Teen Mom 2, believing her storyline is construed to showcase her in one way. "I don't get paid enough to be treated like s—compared to these other self-centered b—es!" DeJesus, who joined the show for its eighth season and is the second newest member of the show next to Jade Cline, who hopped on for Season 9, explained in her next tweet that she is an easy person to work with and that she does not appreciate the "ultimatums" the network allegedly gives her. "You can suck my d— and find another mom to boss around," she wrapped up her tweets. The string of tweets has since been deleted.

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MTV has yet to announce whether or not DeJesus will face any repercussions for her comments. The Ashley reports that the reason for her outburst has to do with her new boyfriend, Javi Gonzalez, not undergoing COVID-19 testing at the request of the network. The article notes that all members of the show, including those close to each mom, undergo up to three tests per week to make sure everyone involved, including the film crew, remains safe during the pandemic. The source to the outlet said filming of DeJesus has come to a halt because they will not continue to do so without her boyfriend getting tested.

On the newest season of Teen Mom 2, DeJesus' storyline has followed her and ex-boyfriend Luis Hernandez as they reconnected for an intimate moment, which led to DeJesus revealing later on that she tested positive for chlamydia, which is something she told PopCulture has been hard to watch back. After learning of her test results, the Florida native questioned her ex on who he had been sleeping with as Luis continued to explain that he does not "have anything going on."

Teen Mom 2 airs on Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.