'Tanked' Canceled: Animal Planet Ends Show After 15 Seasons

Animal Planet has ended reality series Tanked after 15 seasons.

TMZ broke the news Saturday that Tanked, which follows the ventures of Acrylic Tank Manufacturing, had been canceled. The network claimed this was not a new decision, but that the show wrapped in late 2018.

"After 15 fantastic seasons the series came to a natural end late last year," and Animal Planet representative told the outlet.

The outlet's report also cited low ratings as a reason for the cancellation. They also dispelled rumors that Tanked's ending had anything to the recent domestic dispute between star Wayde King and his wife Heather.

"Fact is ... ratings for the show — which follows a Las Vegas aquarium manufacturer as they install epic custom tanks for celebs — have been in the tank," TMZ wrote. "Production sources say the decision to end the show was made months before the recent domestic violence incident between the husband-and-wife stars, Wayde and Heather King."

The Kings were wrapped up in legal drama when Heather was arrested for allegedly striking Wayde's stomach during an argument. She also allegedly left her husband hanging out of car window as she drove away. Heather denied these accusations, but she was still booked on domestic violence charges.

Two days after the arrest, Heather filed for divorce, essentially ending a 21-year marriage. She is demanding primary custody of their children, child support and temporary spousal support.

It is unclear what effect Tanked's cancellation and the divorce will have on Acrylic Tank Manufacturing.

Wayde and brother-in-law Brett Raymer are the faces of the business and the main personalities on Tanked, which featured celebrity clients like Shaquille O'Neal and Tracy Morgan. Heather (who is Brett's sister) was the accountant for the business. Brett and Heather's father Irwin Raymer was also the office manager of the business. So, suffice to say, there are a lot of family ties in danger from all this chaos.


None of the Tanked personalities have commented on the cancellation or divorce as of press time.

Photo Credit: Animal Planet