'Survivor: Edge of Extinction': Confusion Breaks Out During Chaotic Tribal Council

The cracks in former Kama exposed by last week's explosive blindside continued to spread outward to the rest of the castaways in this week's Survivor: Edge of Extinction.

In Wednesday's all-new episode of the CBS reality show, the split in former Kama was more evident than ever after the successful blindside of the tribe's unofficial leader Eric Hafemann left Ron Clark and Julie Rosenberg out in the cold.

"I was right, there were huge cracks in Kama," Rick Devens, who voted with the two ostracized Kama after his return from the Edge of Extinction, said. "I just didn't expect them last night. I'm gonna concentrate on Ron and Julie, because I showed I was loyal and I voted with them."

Reuniting with David Wright, who held the other half of his two-person immunity idol, Devens roped the two former Kama into a new voting block, leaving them with two open spots they hoped could possibly be filled with David's fellow former Lesu — Kelley Wentworth, Lauren O'Connell and Dan "Wardog" DaSilva.

The former Kama remaining with their tribe also had their eyes on the trio when it came to picking off the next castaway, leading to an immunity challenge whose final two — Gavin Whitson and David — represented the two sides of the upcoming tribal council. Gavin walked away from the individual immunity challenge with the win, putting a possible target on David's back from the Kama camp.

But when the former Lesu began to plot against Ron behind the scenes, Kama switched plans to target Kelley in order to break up the Lesu three and take out a strong returning player.

"If we get rid of the queen bee, maybe the hive will fall apart," Victoria Baamonde told the camera.

There was no hiding the tension at camp right up until the tribal council, with Kelley catching on from her former allies' odd behavior that she would most likely be getting votes to go home and wondering if it was time to use her hidden immunity idol.

With Julie breaking down over feeling like she couldn't trust her fellow Kama and Kelley looking for reassurance from Julia Carter about their plan being still on, Devens called out the Kama Strong alliance for pitting everyone against one another in a confusing pre-vote conversation that appeared to have some looking to change their alliances.

Bringing together Lauren, Wardog, Victoria, Ron, Devens, Julie and Gavin with his moving speech to end the confusion and take down the Kama Strong alliance, the tribal devolved into fighting between Julia and Julie over what Julia said was throwing away the Kama control and Julie said was saving herself from being the bottom castaway in the tribe.

After all the votes were cast, Devens dropped another bomb on the council, playing his joint idol to protect David. It may have been a wild ride, but with six votes, the ragtag band of castaways managed to vote out Julia and flip the game away from Kama.


Survivor airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

Photo credit: CBS