'Storage Wars' Star Don Dotson Suffers Nasty Injury Breaking up Dog Fight

Storage Wars' Dan Dotson is on the road to recovery after he recently suffered a gruesome injury while attempting to break up a fight between his two French Bulldogs, Louis and Jax. The auctioneer, who was spotted sporting a bandaged hand on Tuesday's episode of the A&E series, nearly had his finger bitten off by one of his dogs.

Dotson initially opened up about the graphic injury in a video shared to YouTube back in December 2020 not long after the incident occurred. In the video, Dotson explained that his two dogs had been fighting. When he attempted to break up the fight, however, one of his dogs nearly severed his left ring finger. Dotson credited his other dog, a Mastiff named Rambo, with stepping in after the injury occurred, stating, "He did great, clamping and pinning the aggressor like T-Rex to the floor." The video went on to show the gruesome aftermath of the injury, with Dotson sharing photos of his finger post-injury, showing the tip nearly completely severed, as well as images of his wedding ring covered in blood.

Thankfully, Dotson got to keep his fingers. In the minute-long video, he assured fans that the medical staff at Redlands Hospital in California was able to reattach his finger. He captioned the video, "Louis and Jax are best of friends but when the bullies get in a fight, you have to be careful where you place your fingers. Louis accidentally bit my finger off. Thank you Dr Grigoryan for saving my finger." While the injury was certainly gruesome, the auctioneer said he doesn't hold any hard feelings towards his dogs, writing in the video, "I love my dogs" and joking, "from now on, it's Rambo's job to break up the boys when they're fighting."


The video, which has been viewed more than 9,000 times, generated plenty of responses, with one person writing, "I have 2 small dogs, I couldn't imagine them being able to cause that much damage. That is a freak accident." Somebody else said they were "so sorry to hear that your dog bit your finger off! I hope both y'all are doing well," going on to advise, "Hey Dan, next time don't stick your finger in his mouth. It's all love jk." A third person commented, "well sorry about that. Mix up in who was the alpha dog huh? Maybe one should go to another home even if you do love them." Dotson responded to that comment by joking, "we should call Cesar the dog whisperer to advise us." You can check out Season 13 of Storage Wars on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on A&E.